Dictation Transcription Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Shortcuts

If you already are a transcriptionist or are considering learning how to become one, you will definitely find this book immensely helpful.

As the title implies, this book is filled with many tips, tricks, secrets and shortcuts to help improve speed and accuracy as well as valuable information about the different types of transcription, equipment required, methods of transcription, dictation pitfalls and proofing.

This books is based upon my own personal real-life experiences as a secretary and running my own secretarial business from home for 18 1/2  years.

I also have a blog site with free information about transcription, computer tips (working smarter) and running your own secretarial service from home. If you would like more information about myself-help books, please visit my other blog site:   Gail S. Kibby White’s Transcription & Secretarial Service from Home Help Site

Publication, in print and as an ebook, is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2016 or 2017. Preorders will be available.

Dictation Transcription Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Shortcuts.
Dictation Transcription Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Shortcuts.

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