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The Brave ‘Lil Cockroach


The second story in the six short story series to be titled Great ‘Lil Escapes is titled The Brave ‘Lil Cockroach. This second book will be published in December, 2016 or January, 2017 as an ebook in

Short story #3 in the series will be titled Give That Dog a Bone.

If you’re interested in the book, go to the Brave ‘Lil Cockroach page in this blog site.

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Update on A Box of Tissues ebook

Update on the A Box of Tissues, 2 Rolls of Toilet Paper and a Plastic Bottle of Water mystery-suspense short story

This book as only been in publication as a FREE to download ebook in for 7 weeks.

As of July 25, 2016, I’ve already received two 5-star reviews. 180 people have downloaded the book and 12 people have added the book to their libraries. 5 of the downloads were from Barnes & Noble.

Am I excited and proud? You betcha.

I hope my future books are as well received.

If you haven’t already downloaded it, here is the URL: is FREE to subscribe to and my book is FREE also.

Getting ready to publish Susan’s Stalkers – Double the Fear

Update on Susan’s Stalkers – Double the Fear:

I’ve been going through Susan’s Stalkers – Double the Fear for one last edit and proof.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done this.  It seems like I never think it’s good enough. I guess that’s normal especially when it’s your first novel.

But I’ve got to “give birth to my first baby” eventually. Hopefully it will be some time in August first as an ebook in, Amazon and several other ebook sites.

I’m also entering this book in a contest in and for review in Publishers

Depending upon the reviews, I’ll be publishing the book in a printed version in the fall in Amazon.

After it’s published, I plan to get back to writing the next in the Susan’s Stalkers series, Susan’s Stalkers – Safehouse? and the next short story for the Great ‘Lil Escapes series of short mystery suspense stories.

I also want to continue writing Road Rage Dolls.

I’ll be posting again when I know the publication date.